Registration Information

UH Community College Registration Timetable for Fall 2018

New Students for Fall 2018 will be notified of their registration date by the admissions office. 
Continuing Spring 2018 students may register anytime on or after their registration start date.  Early registration is encouraged because classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Fall 2018 timetable for continuing Spring 2018 students is listed below.

The specific date you may begin to register is assigned based on your student standing. You may check your date and total credits on the "Check My Registration Status" page in MyUH.  If it is not your registration period, use the Check Class Availability site to preview & search for classes. 

Dates to Remember

Registration Start Dates: Monday, April 9
Credits: 36 or more, Special groups

Registration Start Dates: Tuesday, April 10
Credits: 24 or more

Registration Start Dates: Wednesday, April 11    
Credits: 18 or more

Registration Start Dates: Thursday, April 12    
Credits: 6 or more

Registration Start Dates: Friday, April 13    
Credits: 0 or more


Star GPS


  • login with your UH username
  • Don't have UH login credentials - Create UH username
  • Click "Register" button
  • Welcome to STAR GPS! "Continue to Register"
  • Checklist - Resolve any issues, then click "Continue"
  • Then go through preview only mode
  • Select a requirement
  • Once you have chosen your courses, click on the next requirement
  • Repeat: Select a course for this requirement
  • Once you are selecting your courses and requirements click "Submit Registration" button