Why Choose Kaua'i CC

Our Island is Our Classroom
Kauaʻi is a beautiful island with a rich heritage of Polynesian and Hawaiian cultures as well as a unique local culture that has evolved as different immigrant groups learned to live together. The fragility of the island ecosystem and economy is often hidden by the beauty of this island. Students at Kaua‘i Community College learn to become competent stewards of the island’s natural and manmade communities. Kauai, through its beauty and challenges, makes a great destination for learning about cultures, communities, and sustainability.

“2 + 2 = Success”: A Great Pathway to a Higher Degree in U.S.
For international students who study in the US for the first time, there are many challenges: the cost of education, language proficiency, acculturation to US education system, lifestyle and culture, to name a few. Studying at a community college for 2 years provides international students a strong foundation in English and academic disciplines, as well as an opportunity for acculturation to the US education system.

Automatic Transfer to the University of Hawaii Baccalaureate Programs
Students graduating from Kaua‘i Community College with an Associate’s Degree and 2.5 GPA can automatically transfer into any of the baccalaureate programs at the four-year universities in the University of Hawai‘i system. International students can build their academic foundation at Kaua‘i Community College and transfer to four-year campus to complete their baccalaureate program.

Kaua‘i CC Makes Education in U.S. More Affordable
Going to the University of Hawaii’s flagship four-year campus, UH-Manoa, will cost you $1038/credit (2012-13), while coming to Kaua‘i Community College will cost $304 / credit (2012-13). Coming to Kaua‘i Community College en route to a four-year university will make studying at a US institution more affordable without compromising the quality of the education.

16 : 1 Faculty to Student Ratio
Kaua‘i Community College has 16:1 student to faculty ratio, which is the lowest among all UH community colleges. The primary job for faculty at the College is teaching, so students at Kaua‘i Community College receive more individual attention and support than they would at a research university. Students also have the opportunity to do project-based learning in the community and applied research with faculty. This makes for an ideal learning environment for international students.