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Videoconferencing@ the PAC

High-Quality Video/High-Speed Network Connection The PCS-G50 provides excellent picture quality over IP (H.323) networks and fully supports the latest non-proprietary ITU-T H.264 video codec standard for maximum customer confidence and flexibility. When video encoding is in accordance with the H.263 protocol, the PCS-G50 supports the 4CIF format at a maximum frame rate of 30 fps, and when in H.264 protocol, it supports the interlaced SIF format at 60 fields per second.*1 In addition, the PCS-G50 can achieve a maximum bandwidth of 4 Mb/s with an IP connection. This combination of high-quality codec and high-speed network support provides video quality comparable to standard TV broadcasts. *1 The PCS-G50P supports a maximum of 50 fields per second in interlaced SIF format.
Multi-Point Videoconferencing The PAC's PCS-G50 can communicate with up to 5 remote videoconferencing sites (6 sites total) simultaneously using either an IP (H.323 protocol) connection. And because the PCS-G50 has a "speedmatching" function, it maximizes performance by not reducing the higher speed connection to match the lower speed connection, as is done with some videoconferencing systems. What is unique about the PCS-G50 is that it provides high quality, H.264 CIF video and clear MPEG-4 AAC audio, even in a multi-point videoconference. And of course, the PCS-G50 allows users to expand from a peer-to-peer videoconference to a multi-point videoconference. *2 When adding a new endpoint on the same network (IP or ISDN), the system will default to the lowest resolution video standard of all endpoints.



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