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HOG 1000

Jands HOG 1000

  • WholeHog II Operating System
  • Cues, Cue lists, effects and presets can be merged from one show to another
  • Split Fade Times on any parameter
  • Cue Lists, cue contents, programmer, patch and actual stage output can be displayed on a VDU
  • Any fixture can be patched anywhere on the DMX outputs
  • User-Definable system defaults
  • Multiple fixture types simultaniously supported
  • Console self test and diagnostic routines
  • Access protection PIN
  • Easy to understand command line syntax
  • Menu banks of pallette buttons give instant access to Beam, Colour, Position and Groups of fixtures LCD's provide continuous feedback on programming and playback status together with cue or palette lists
  • All shows can be stored on floppy disk

Colortran Innovator 48/96
384 channels, 3 universes
24 x 8 pages submaster faders
Soft Patch
Memory backup on 3.5" floppy disk


ETC Sensor Dimmers, DMX 512


2ea. Xenon Trouper
Instrument used:

ETC Source Four

  • FOH positions (19 degrees)
  • Onstage positions
    ( 26 deg.)
    ( 36 deg.)
  • 8" Fresnel 1kw
  • 6" Fresnel 750w
  • 6" Fresnel 500w
  • 4 Section Skycyc 1.5kw/sec


colortran 48/98

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