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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend college?
The world is changing rapidly and many jobs rely on new technology. More and more jobs will require education beyond high school. With a college education, you will have more job opportunities from which to choose a career, more earning potential and a greater understanding of the world.

How do I get started?
Submit the University of Hawai‘i System Common Application to  the Admissions Office of the college of your choice. If you have questions or concerns, please contact an advisor or counselor, or visit the Advising/Counseling Webpage.

How do I pay for college?
Financial aid forms are available at campus Financial Aid Offices, or visit the Paying for College Webpage for easy step-by-step directions.

Where can I get a college catalog?
You can access the community college’s catalogs online by visiting their Websites. We have links to all their campus Websites on our home page. You may also contact the Admissions and Records office to request a copy of the course catalog.

I’m still in high school. Can I attend any one of the UH Community Colleges?
Yes. Students under 18 years of age may be considered for Early Admission or the Dual Credit program. If you’re interested in Dual Credit, talk to your high school counselor or visit the Dual Credit Program Website at https://www.hawaii.edu/dualcredit/t for more information.

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