Early Childhood Education


The Early Childhood Education (ECED) program prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to work collaboratively with young children and families in various professional capacities. The training that students receive blends theory and practice through coursework and hands-on experiences in the real world of a preschool program at the Child Development Center at Kaua‘i Community College. Designed as a cohort model, a new group of students will be admitted annually. Students will progress through the program together, completing a 9-credit Certificate of Competence and a 25-credit Certificate of Achievement en route toward completing the 60-credit Associate in Science (AS) degree in Early Childhood Education.

There are several pathways that students graduating with the AS in ECED can follow within the State of Hawai‘i. Students may continue to UH West O‘ahu (Bachelor’s in Social Science in Early Childhood Education) or UH Mānoa (Bachelor of Education in Elementary and Early Childhood Education or in Early Childhood and Special Education). Students who plan to transfer are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising upon admission to Kaua‘i CC.


To be admitted to the Early Childhood Education Program students must:

  • Be qualified for ENG 100

By the beginning of the second semester, students must:

  • Pass the fingerprinting and background check required by the State of Hawai‘i Department of Human
    Services for individuals working with young children (fee required)


  1. Apply knowledge of child development to create healthy, challenging learning environments and
  2. Build respectful partnerships with colleagues, children, their families, and the community.
  3. Observe, “document,” and assess children’s development and learning.
  4. Build positive relationships and guide children through supportive interactions.
  5. Plan, implement, and assess learning experiences using appropriate content, concepts, and methods.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to execute decision making and carry out actions ethically and/or according to
    professional standards.
  7. Demonstrate collaboration, critical thinking, and reflection skills.
  8. Recognize the importance of advocacy for children and their families.


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Early Childhood Education Associate in Science Degree (AS), 60 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • ECED 105 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
  • ECED 110 - Developmentally Appropriate Practices (3 credits)
  • ECED 131 - Child Development: Theory Into Practice (3 credits)
  • ENG 100 - Composition I (3 credits)
  • Pacific Cultures (PC) or Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP): Any PC or HAP course (3 credits)

Spring Semester 2

  • ECED 140 - Guidance of Young Children in a Group Setting (3 credits)
  • ECED 191 - Field Experience in Early Childhood Education I (4 credits)
  • ECED 245 - Child, Family, and Community (3 credits)
  • Diversification (DH): Any DH course (3 credits)
  • Mathematics: MATH 100 or higher (3 credits)
Fall Semester 3
  • ECED 115 - Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child (3 credits)
  • ECED 263 - Language and Creative Expression Curriculum (3 credits)
  • Diversification (DA): Any DA course (3 credits) 
  • Diversification (DB) or (DP): Any DB or DP course (with DY lab course) (4 credits)
  • Diversification (DS): Any DS course (3 credits)
Spring Semester 4
  • ECED 170 - Introduction to Working with Infants and Toddlers (3 credits)
  • ECED 264 - Inquiry and Physical Curriculum (3 credits)
  • ECED 291 - Field Experience in Early Childhood Education II (4 credits)
  • SP 151 - Personal and Public Speaking (3 credits)
Total credits: 60

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Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement (CA), 25 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • ECED 105 (3 credits)
  • ECED 110 (3 credits)
  • ECED 115 (3 credits)
  • ECED 131 (3 credits)
Spring Semester 2
  • ECED 140 (3 credits)
  • ECED 191 (4 credits)
  • ECED 245 (3 credits)
  • ECED 264 (3 credits)

Total credits: 25

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Early Childhood Education Certificate of Competence (CO), 9 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • ECED 105 (3 credits)
  • ECED 110 (3 credits)
  • ECED 131 (3 credits)
Total credits: 9

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The Early Childhood Education (ECED) program prepares teachers with the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to teach at a preschool accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).