Academic Calendar Fall 2018

Academic advising begins for continuing students 1

Registration Start Dates: Monday, April 9
Credits: 36 or more, Special groups

Registration Start Dates: Tuesday, April 10
Credits: 24 or more

Registration Start Dates: Wednesday, April 11    
Credits: 18 or more

Registration Start Dates: Thursday, April 12    
Credits: 6 or more

Registration Start Dates: Friday, April 13    
Credits: 0 or more

Academic advising/registration begins for new and returning students 16
Payment Deadline 10 
Statehood Day (Holiday) 17
First day of instruction 20
Begin fee charges for late registration: 20
$5 registration fee for in-person transaction (no charge for transaction done on the web) $30 late registration fee for all transactions
Last day to add semester courses 28
Last day for 100% tuition refund for semester length course 28
Labor Day (Holiday) 3
Last day for 50% tuition refund for semester length course 11
Last day to withdrawal from semester courses without "W" grade 11

Last day for changes:

  • Withdrawal from semester courses with "W" grade
  • Credit/no credit option for semester courses
  • Declare auditor for semester courses
  • Split-level changes
  • Last day to make-up Incomplete ("I") grades
Elections Day (Holiday) 6
Veterans' Day (Holiday) 12
Thanksgiving Day (Holiday) 22
Thanksgiving Recess 22-23
Last day to petition for semester graduation 6
Last day of instruction 6
Evaluation/final examination days 7-13
End of semester 14
Faculty deadline to submit grades via MyUH Portal TBD